Christmas decorations!!

They are one of my favorite parts of the holidays! Decorating for Christmas! MD and I have had the holiday tradition of cutting down our own tree every year at the Jordan Lake Christmas tree farm… the first year it started snowing while we were cutting down the tree… amazing 

Then the next year I misjudged the size and we not only had to move the furniture and whack 3 feet off the top so the tree would fit, but the tree had a funny curvature to its trunk….. let’s just say if it had bent over in the 6th grade to be checked for scoliosis  several referrals would have been made :( so after it had fallen over 3 times in one night, I finally tied it to the curtain rod with fishing line… smart, huh? Also it was 65 degrees when we cut down the tree :) What a contrast to a snowy 2010! 

This year, since scaling down to 450 sq ft, I’m having trouble figuring out what to do about a tree…. There just isn’t a great place to put a tree in our apartment… so far the contenders are:

1. tape twigs onto the wall in a tree like pattern (kate?? new mexico??) like this

2. get a christmas “twig” in a pot instead of an actual tree like this

3. get a small tree and put it on the coffee table

4. put a small tree by the living room window and hope that the radiator doesn’t catch it on fire

5. bascially anything else small that doesn’t look like this

I read this post this morning about Christmas tree alternatives for small space living… great ideas!!

The only moves I’ve made so far to decorate for the holidays have centered around the bamboo ladder.  This sweet ladder, purchased at Homegoods for probably 50 cents, has been with me since college and I have a amazingly strange attachment to it.  It’s hung on the wall on McCauley St, been used as a towel rack at Finley Forest, and had stockings tied to it at Laurel Ridge. Since we moved to Philly, it’s been out on the deck and used as an actual ladder (pretty sure there used to be a warning sticker on it about the fact that it was, in fact, a faux-ladder and should not be used for climbing under any circumstances) to climb on the roof and see the skyline.  Well, after reading this post with this great idea, I started spray painting it red with leftover paint from my deck chair project and am going to use it to display holiday cards with some wood clothespins and twine as well as hang our stockings from it because of the sore lack of a mantle in our home..

Hope mine turns out as great as this one! (instructions here from Tatertos and Jello)


What are your ideas for a small or alternative holiday tree??

xoxo, jennie


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